Do the MapleShot Challenge to determine your passion! ​​

1. What makes you proud to be Canadian?
2. What would make you prouder?
3. How are you going to make this happen?

Post responses on your social media and share with #mymapleshot on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Content will be curated and shared on the MapleShot digital platform as part of an on-going, interactive educational dialogue and demonstration.

While all Change Challenges are welcomed, we have identified three 2017 priority Change Challenge Themes that need our attention today and provided additional resource materials to help foster action in these areas.

Make it Happen
We encourage all MapleShot "change-agents" to continue to video and post their journey of commitment. It's all about the change! Through innovation, invention, creativity and entrepreneurialism, the Change Challenges are meant to have 
“real world” relevance and impact.

Multidisciplinary responses that push frontiers, exploit emerging technologies and platforms, and provoke critical and necessary conversations and solutions that will propel Canada forward are desired.

Everyone brings a unique perspective to this creative and innovative space. Responses can be through story-telling using performance, writing and visual arts to share and engage; policy and systems thinking to devise better ways of doing things; or inventing new things to fill gaps and address needs. All change responses and solutions are desired and needed and all are welcome!